KODAK six-20 Brownie D


 Интересная фотокамера. Купил её на "блошином рынке" или как его называют - "Кирпушник" в Финляндии в 2012 году. Очень простая, незамысловатая конструкция. Вся камера состоит из 3-х частей: 1 Объективная доска и внешний жестяной корпус - часть с оптическими линзами и спусковым механизмом. 2 Задняя откидная защитная крышка. 3 Внутренний плёночный механизм.  -  Диафрагмы (отверстия)  изменяются на две ступени. Фотоплёнка используется тип 120.


Kodak Six-20 Brownie D

Product Description

Kodak Six-20 Brownie D  Великобритания.


MANUFACTURER: Kodak Ltd., Harrow, England
FILM TYPE: 620 rollfilm
IMAGE SIZE: 2¼ x 3¼ inch.
STANDARD LENS Meniscus f/11 100mm with portrait lens,
 SHUTTER:  single blade shutter


Includes original canvas carrying case and instruction book.

In very fine near mint condition and fully working.

Background Notes

Two versions of the model were produced, the first from 1946 - 1953 and the second from 1953 - 1957. This example is an original version, probably from around the changeover period with metal winding knob, triangular back catch and matt enamel front.  The later version was more cheaply built in some areas with plastic wind knob and release button, and cosmetically different in having a horizontally striped front, although it did include 2-pin flash contacts which are absent on the earlier version. 

Kodak Ltd. London was the later name of the British branch of Eastman Kodak Co.. It was originally incorporated in 1889 as Eastman Photographic Materials Company, Limited, in London, England. In 1891 it opened a factory in Harrow near London where it made cameras as well as photo paper, photochemicals and other accessories. The Harrow operation was closed down following the decision to stop all commercial film based activities and the plant was demolished by Kodak in 2007. 

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